【COLORS SHOWROOM】Click Here!The Most Complete Product Display You Will See

After several months of design and construction, COLORS’ showroom was officially completed! Here you can see the most complete product series of COLORS and the most detailed product introductions.

COLORS showroom is divided into two parts. The showroom of LED linear lighting is located on the 3rd floor of the company, and the showroom of LED light strip & silicone neon strip is located on the 4th floor of the office building.

The showroom of LED linear lighting contains 9 exhibition boxes showing the profile system, track system, luminaires. COLORS linear lighting system is based on "flexible" and "interconnected" linear light source, intensifies the luminaires’ structure and optical design and regards lighting as an important factor of indoor and outdoor design, used at edge of ceilings, floors and walls. The final effect is provided with creative sense and futuristic sense, endowing a brand-new definition to space.

The exhibition box pic shows the "ALS Series " which belongs to profile system. "Integrated Architecture Lighting" and "Integrated Furniture Lighting" makes light and space coexist perfectly and combines luminaire, architectural space and furniture & cabinet skillfully.

The exhibition box pic shows the "LLS2.0 Series " by changing the modular design and installation method of the product, has redefined the function and application mode of linear lighting and has broken the constraints on traditional lighting system.

The exhibition box pic shows the "LLS-C Series " curve lighting system, through the sublimation from straight line to curve, transformation from2D to 3D, linear lighting is brought with a brand-new revolutionary experience.

The exhibition box pic shows the "TLS-R 48V neon track system". Neon track is available as suspended and surface-mounted versions, the track can rotate horizontally, and the system also offers the option of different linear modules, can be creatively matched to achieve various rich stylings. Track System also contains the TLS-M 48V magnetic series and TLS-T 220VAC voltage series, if you want to know more details, please contact us.

The showroom of LED light strip and silicone neon strip contains 12 exhibition boxes showing different series of light strips and applications and display different CCT that you can choose in COLORS products. Also, those exhibition boxes showing applications and details of neon strip. There are some boxes show the optional CCT range of the COLORS LED strip. Our LED strip has a wide range of CCT options.One big exhibition box shows 4 different series of LED strip, you can see the detailed introductions and product display of each series.

This exhibition box shows magic line which won the Red Dot Awards in 2021. We restored the look on the poster, 360° light emission, no dark area. Can be applied in straight line, circular, curved, and other special shape. It is the best partner for your space design and artistic molding. COLORS neon strip also has different colors and combinations to meet your needs for different spaces.

The purpose of COLORS showroom is to more comprehensively display our product categories and product details, as well as possible installations and applications. If you want to know more about COLORS products, you are welcome to visit the company showroom in Shenzhen, and you are also welcome to contact for more product information.