COLORS Linear Lighting New Case–Tsinghua University

Tsinghua is one of the most prestigious universities in China. Through teaching, research and innovation, Tsinghua is committed to the advancement and well-being of the nation and the world.
“Jianhua Building” is another important measure taken by“Hengli Group” to implement “Industry to serve the country and education to rejuvenate the country”. The new building is located in the center of Tsinghua University and echoes the new Tsinghua Academy across the road. It will become a new landmark of Tsinghua University.
The new building of Tsinghua University, Jianhua Building installed COLORS linear lighting“LLS2.0 series”
This LLS2.0 series redefines the function and application mode of linear lighting through product modular design and changes in installation methods, breaking through the constraints of traditional lighting systems. Showing the “three freedoms”, the freedom of human design, the freedom of product installation, and the freedom of environmental application. LLS2.0 is an iterative upgrade based on the design of LLS1.0, and the corner accessories are more abundant, which can achieve more creative shapes.