2019 COLORS Global Marketing Tour——Guangzhou

The 11th Zhurong Award-Guangzhou Open Event started on Aug 1st ,2019. COLORS went to Guangzhou along with ZHURONG AWARD, and talked about the infinite possibility of ‘light’ with designers in the southern region of China, spread the concept and knowledge of light culture. Although there is a heavy rain in Guangzhou because of the Tropical Storm Wipha, the activity still went on as usual. Many designers came to the site early for the experience.

Signature& experience

Waiting for the designers’ coming

Lots of designers atrracted by COLORS exhibition hall, and learning about products from COLORS team.

Guest-sharing At 2 p.m ,Mr. Zhang made an opening speech and the event officially began. The specialists shared their own research topics and cases to the designers.

Mr. Zhang

Mr. Li from COLORS made a speech to introduce the COLORS brand positioning “Professional Linear Lighting Solutions for Any Applications”, through the origin of lighting, linear lighting techniques and tools, the linear– perfect carrier of light, combined with COLORS linear lighting concept about application, supply, installation, function, system and brand service.

In the section of “The light is listening to you ” named by Colors,some specialists shared their thoughts and experiences about linear lighting multi-dimensionally.

Interactive section of forum

The award ceremony

2019 COLORS global marketing travel in Guangzhou ended perfectly!
Next station, we will come to Xi’an.
COLORS sincerely invite you to witnees the Finals of the lighting feast on Sep. 6th, 2019.
See you in Xi’an !