Basic Information

Project name: 1949 Office space 

Project address: Shenyang, Liaoning 

Time of completion: 2019 

Products used: LS1613, LS5475, LS1911

Case analysis

The office is not only an office space, but also an eight-hour daily life. 1949 is a conceptual design of a shared workspace. The open and flexible space focuses on inspiring more possibilities for imagination, promoting effective communication among team members, and strengthening the aura. The fixed terms such as grid room, workstation and conference room are blurred, and users can change the location of portable office equipment according to their needs. The most basic line structure is the vertical and horizontal space, replacing the wall with a large area of transparent glass, the concrete floor and wood are friendly splicing, and the pure office space in black and white is open, without a sense of distance, and has both personality and practicality. The lighting solution provided by Huacai Optoelectronics integrates lighting, architecture, and indoor landscape harmoniously, bringing an incredible sense of strength and artistic flavor to the space.