Basic Information

Project name: Yinglan International Financial Center Fitness Club

 Project address: Beijing, China 

Time of completion: 2019 

Product used: LS5470

Case analysis

Winland International Financial Center is known as a five-star office building with the highest design and construction standards in Beijing. It is located in the core area of Beijing Financial Street. The 6,000 square meter international high-end fitness club is located on the fourth basement of the building to 'exercise.' For the club theme. The design of the fitness club of Yinglan International Finance Center subverted the tradition. The designer proceeded from 'power' and carried out reasonable planning and design according to local conditions. In order to match and highlight the material of the interior space and maximize the visual experience of the overall space, the lighting adopts specially customized and effective lighting methods and lighting products-COLORS Huacai Optoelectronics linear lighting, which perfectly integrates natural light, and creates an open space. Sports venues make people feel comfortable and inspire people to yearn for a healthy sports lifestyle.