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[Showroom] In-house Showroom|Cluster Light and Expect A Cheerful Light Travel With You

[Showroom] In-house Showroom Jul 29 ,2021

After months of design and construction, in-house showroom of COLORS is officially open! The showroom
plays around light with myriad creative styling, presenting products in a vivid manner. With exquisite divi-
sional layout, it brings you a clearer insights of products and a visual feast. The garden-style exhibition per-
fectly interprets to the boundless possibilities of products and innovative brand image, leading you into a
point-to-surface light experience journey.

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Above is ALS series of profile system, which, as you can see, can integrate perfectly with space to cater to atmosphere and tone of space, slickly highlight creative space design or invigorate space with its flowing trait and slender design.

This demo box shows LLS2.0 series, which, upheld with bountiful corner accessories, enjoys flexible corners
and myriad creative styling.

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Take this demo box for an example. It shows the winner of
RED DOT AWARD 2021-Magic Line, which characterizes
360-degree light emission and no dark area in conjunctures.
As the demo box shows, it can be styled in line, circle, curve or
any other creative forms, a veritable perfect partner for space
design and artistic styling.

The showroom explores the synergy between space and lighting design, and finally presents a full-scene
application exhibition for your direct experience in lighting effect and deeper insights into products. If you
are interested in product experience, welcome to our in-house showroom or visit for
more product details.