COLORS Won Honored Awards in Taipei Construction Exhibition!

The 31st Taipei International Building,Construction & Decoration Exhibition was held successfully in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on Dec 12th to 15th.
As the largest architecture & materials exhibition in Taiwan, it attracted more than 500 enterprises from all over the world.
Colors also bringed a wide variety of linear lighting products to show in the exhibition.

Unique Booth Design

At the entrance of the booth, DLS seriers products are used to draw the outline of the diamond shape with high-tech future sense. The appearance is very fashionable. When the light is on, the future sense is show.
When entering the exhibition hall, there is A3535 curve prduct from COLORS Curve Lighting System. The straight and curve basic modules are utilized to produce interconnect curves freely and intersperse combined structure randomly, limitless possibilities produce limitless imagination.

The Exhibits

The interior display board of the exhibition hall, integrated the rich application scene when the designer created. The ‘Shell’ drawn by different color temperature strips, the digital strip painting ‘Urban Architectural Outline’ , the letter ‘C’ of COLORS, and the ‘Maze’ composed by ultra LED strip. That made the user know the actual application.
The visitors paid more curiosity and attention to COLORS products. Our colleagues patiently explained and provided them with the product catalog for futher understanding.
Visitors at different times and area can always fill the COLORS exhibition hall. The scene was very lively. Although the temperature outdoors was a little low, the enthusiasm of the visitors were still high.

Honored Awards

The most exciting was, because of the design of our booth, the professional service from our on-site colleagues and the creative show products,
that we won the ‘Excellent Exhibitors Representative’! This was an affirmation of our past work and an incentive for our future work.

The wonderful presentation and honored awards were inseparable with COLORS Tai Wan Team’s work hard.

2019 COLORS global marketing tour ended successfully in Taiwan!
2020, more exciting, we’re coming soon!