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[Design Award] A Special Show For The Sparkling Star – Magic Line

[COLORS Design Award]

Magic Line of COLORS won the most well-known and influential design award-RED DOT in 2021, which,
together with German IF Award and American IDEA Award, is named the world’s three major design

The judging criteria of RED DOT contains feasibility and functionality of the design in addition to its innova-
tion and aesthetics. Meanwhile, emotional attributes presented by the products will be examined and
weighed to ensure that each handpicked product is an artwork that combines beauty, utility and emotion.
Eminent design should be innovative, practical, aesthetic and comprehensible. That’s the principle RED
DOT election follows.

The award indicates Magic Line
of the authoritative recognition
and endorsement in its aesthet-
ics, quality and texture, etc.

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Linear lighting on market, to some extent, has its restriction on bending direction or the shape of the
light-emitting surface. Some of creative designs therefore fail to be fulfilled or require diverse parameters
of LED strips to fulfill. In contrast, Magic Line distinguishes itself by its flexibility for unconstrained creative
styling, with silicone extrusion process adopted.

Magic Line has great potential for creative applications in virtue of its 360-degree bending trait. Besides, its
360-degree light emission qualifies it as a new ideal choice for main lighting. It exploited out more creative
and smart application, crossed over convention and restrictions while marched toward innovation and