Shanghai Hotel & Shop Plus Expo–COLORS

Time: March 30-April 02, 2021
Add: Shanghai New International Expo Center
The NEON Track neon track of the entrance passage extends freely from the entrance to the inside of the exhibition hall, cleverly realizing the transition and conversion of the interior and exterior spaces, and using the difference in lighting atmosphere to complete the progress of the space, naturally attracting people to the front explore.
NEON Track System: TLS-R
A variety of optical modules and
installation accessories Modular free design
48V safe electricity
The showroom followed the modernism of “removing the complexity and simplifying”, breaking the shackles of the fast-paced exhibition period, allowing the touring audience to find a quiet and orderly rhythm. In the design of this case, the clear water wall is used as a model. The simple lines, elegant colors and refreshing environment create a quiet charm.