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  • Silicone Neon Strip
    Silicone Neon Strip adopts bi-color silicone integrated extrusion process, characterizing IP67/IP68 protection. It shows resistance to saline solutions, acid & alkali, corrosive gases, fire and UV, and can be widely used in indoor & outdoor decorative lighting, buildings outlining and night scene lighting.
    Magic Neon Series refers to 360° silicone neon strip that offers much of creative flexibility and potentials for you. The series includes Flexible, Pose-able and Strain-less Version. Flexible Version includes that of 13/18/25mm in diameter, featured in arbitrary cutting and free bending. Pose-able Version, bending is posing, allows you to pose light in any way you want at ease. Strain-less Version, with anti-gravity design, is like a meteor straight in the air. Magic neon helps designers’ inspiration.
    Outline Neon Series refers to super-slim neon flex, min. to 3mm in luminous surface. This series includes Trim Version and Trim-less Version. For neon with trims, you can fit it perfectly and at ease into space or furniture with no profile needed. For trim-less neon, you can match it with mini profile or use it individually. It’s slim and fine, quite flexible for use as micro-scene outlining and furniture matching.
    Architecture Neon Series refers to neon flex of high reliability and protection that allows to expose to in-/ outdoor and underwater environment. The series includes Facade Light and Under Water. Facade Light is available in multiple sizes, light colors and SPI/ DMX, a comprehensive solution for specific scenes that requires high photo-electrical performance. Under Water features in IK10 and IP68 protection, reliable for underwater lighting.
    LED Strip
    COLORS LED Strip adopts self-encapsulated lamp beads that passed LM80 and TM30 tests, and are mounted automatically through high-speed SMT. It provides multiple options for power, color, CCT and CRI. In virtue of protection process such as silicone integrated extrusion and nano coating, it can achieve IP55, IP65, IP67, IP68-level protection. Besides, it has gained product certifications inclusive of CE, CB, ROHS, UL, etc., capable of extensive application for indoor or outdoor lighting and furniture, vehicle and advertisement and other supporting usage.
    Up-to-160lm/W, ErP-D class.Soldering-free for whole reel. Highly-reliable and cost-effective.
    Linear and dot light sourceSoldering-free for whole reel. Highly-reliable and cost-effective
    Decorative strip with Classic SMD LED. General use & cost-effective.
    220/160 lm/W, ErP-B/D class. 4.8W/m-20.2W/m optional. Saving energy & cost.
    Max. 4800lm/m high-lumen. Consistent end-to-end brightness with IC integrated. 130/ 150lm/W, ErP-D class.
    Max. 60m driven by one end. Consistent end-to-end brightness with IC integrated. In-/ outdoor ultra-long lighting.
    Min. 4mm in width. Min.1 led/cut arbitrary cutting. Delicate cabinet or shaped outline.
    High reliability by chip-on-board process. Continuous dot-free. Delicate decorative lighting.
    Dim-to-warm, 3-step CCT by switch. SMD, COF and CSP CCT strips optional.
    SMD, CSP RGB strips optional. Different density optional. Min. 5mm ultra-slim.
    SMD and CSP RGB+W strips optional. Different density optional. Decorative or mood lighting.
    SPI and DMX, Single point control. Highly compatible. Break-point continuous transmit.
    Wall-washer strip with different angles, colors, IP options. 3D bending, sub-size strips. For indoor & outdoor applications.
    Up-to-100°C environment temperature. IP65 For sauna application.
    Free-Dot System
    COLORS Free-Dot System is a newly-introduced 48V ceiling recessed system, which is effective in use and almost invisible in look, catering to the trend of architectural integrated lighting. It is in modular design, allowing different modules to flexibly combine and integrate into ceiling at ease thanks to their mounting method. Professional optics including linear modules, spotlight, smart modules and decorative light can be flexible used, moved and replaced here easily, satisfying personalized needs to the fullest.
    HOLA refers to a set of 48V flexible recessed system that can realize product re-use. It allows different optical modules to be flexibly recessed on ceiling, including linear lights, spotlight, decorative light etc, which can also be arbitrarily combined, moved or replaced at ease thanks to their standardized interface, satisfying your diversified design requirements and meanwhile achieving easy placement of lights in low costs. The bases of module are designed to fit perfectly with architectural materials, concise and delicate in look.
    Track System
    It can achieve precise optical control, ultimate anti-glare and multiple light distributions such as spotlighting, wall-washing, diffusion and so forth, capable of providing professional linear lighting solutions for office, furniture, commercial and industrial space.
    TLS-S60 is a 220V modular track system which brings linear module, spotlight and sensor modules in one. It is 40 link-able, easy for power feeding. The system has 11+ optics including 145lm/W diffuse module, UGR<19 flood lighting modules and spotlight that can control light precisely. It includes sensor modules and supports On/off, 1-10V dimming, DALI 2 + PushDim, designed for high-end smart office and commercial lighting.
    TLS-R is a DC48V neon track system which first combine 360° round neon and rigid track in one masterly. The system has 14+ optics including spotlight, linear modules and decorative modules for flexible combination to achieve various applications and myriad styling. The series is available in pendant and surface-mounted versions, can achieve easy installation by magnets and a wealth of accessories, displaying boundless potentials for linear lighting application.
    TLSE-M20 is a DC48V magnetic track system of 20mm width. Its magnetic design offers great DIY convenience to flexibly combine linear modules, spotlights, pendant lights and decorative neon flex in one system, achieving all your lighting demands like basic flood lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting, suitable for residential villas, hotel clubs, entertainment venues or commercial exhibitions, etc.
    It adopts a more professional solution for light distribution, like wall washing and grazing, and a higher standard of heat dissipation and photoelectric indicators. Thus it can satisfy professional demands of indoor main lighting, accent lighting and special lighting, can provide a full set of linear lighting solution for office, residential, commercial, and industrial space.
    SLIM25 is a linear luminaire with 25mm slim luminous surface. It supports pendant, ceiling, recessed and trim-less recessed installation. It has 8 optics, can achieve diffuse ambient lighting, wall-washing, polarized lighting and anti-glare accent lighting, functional and full of linear charm.
    GLS40 is a linear luminaire with 40mm luminous surface. It supports pendant, ceiling and recessed installation. It has 4 optics to achieve effective basic lighting, UGR<13 anti-glare accent lighting and professional polarized lighting, concise in look but detail-oriented in functions.
    LINE60 is a linear luminaire with 60mm luminous surface. It supports pendant, ceiling and recessed installation. It has 7 optics including 145lm/W, UGR<19 diffuse module together with smart sensors to create you a healthy and smart high-end office lighting.
    BASIC is a linear luminaire of 30/50/70mm width. It supports pendant, recessed installation, whole luminaire splicing, with on/ off, 1-10V, DALI2+Push dimming and Casambi/ Tuya smart control, can satisfy needs for flood lighting and indirect lighting.
    SKYLINE links two points together as an outright line. It can match with 6m COF/ high-brightness LED strip and 12m/ 20m ultra-long LED strip to achieve direct, indirect lighting and wall washing, full of the charm of purest linear.
    CIRCLE refers to circular luminaire of 0.8m/1.5m/3.0m diameter. It supports pendant and ceiling installation with wire and pendant cable 2-in-1. It is available in down-/ in-/ outward lighting for specific use.
    LLS2.0 refers to luminaire of 33-95mm width. It can achieve leak-proof ultra-long application with 50m/roll flexible diffuser and quick accessories. It can be cut, spliced, cornered, offering great flexibility to form myriad creative styling.
    Commercial light
    Based on the needs of designers and users for overall product solutions for the space light environment, COLORS adheres to the brand's consistent high-end quality positioning and professional and ultimate product pursuit. Downlight products, with linear lighting, provide a more diverse and rich light environment for villas, theme hotels, and commercial clubs.
    GENIE is a professional downlight that can be make higher power in the same size as those on market. It adopts four anti-glare concepts, including hidden light source, condensed light, diffuse lens and dark reflector to achieve UGR<10, assuring you of visual comfort with no glare. It's 25° tilting angle adjustable, can achieve precise accent lighting.
    MAGICUBE mini grille light is delicate, compact and of linear outlook. It includes 4 optics, including ±20° adjustable round grille, retractable spotlight, flood lighting and wall washer and supports recessed, pre-recessed and surface-mounted installation. It can achieve precise accent lighting, basic lighting and wall washing.
    Profile System
    Premised on flexible and splicing-supported linear light source, it highlights luminaire structure and optical parameters. It distinguishes itself to be an important indoor design element. The ultra-long continuous linear light can shuttle freely to form myriad creative styling, satisfying demands of both flood lighting and image decoration. The lighting effect is prone to be creative and full of futuristic sense, defining the space in a brand new way.
    ALS Series, min. to 5mm in width, is designed for linear lights to perfectly fit into architectural settings such as plastered line, skirting board, corner, wall edge and floor etc. to achieve integrated lighting, full light look but in small profile.
    ALS ECO, of 16/25mm mainstream width, is based on ALS Series to get upgrade on process to be more cost-effective. It can be recessed in micro scenes and corners to be profile-less full light look.
    LLS ECO, of 33-94mm width, supports down/ up&down lighting, pendant, recessed and ceiling installation. It can be cut, spliced and cornered in arbitrary length to form all kinds of creative styles, great flexibility in application.
    LLS-C, of 35/55mm luminous surface, is available in 320-3000mm diameters and 45° /90° radians. It can be spliced with 20m/roll flexible diffuser and twisted 90°/ 180° to form creative 3D styling.
    LLS2.0 refers to profile of 33-95mm width. It can achieve leak-proof ultra-long application with 50m/roll flexible diffuser and quick accessories. It can be cut, spliced, cornered, offering great flexibility to form myriad creative styling.