COLORS Integrated Lighting Series, makes light and space coexist perfectly and combines luminaire, architectural space and furniture & cabinet skillfully, with seeing lighting free from luminaire.
Application scenario
All Building Furniture
Installation location
All Borderless embedding Plaster line Wall Skirting Floor Male angle Wall washer Gap Furniture
Installation method
All Edge embedding Borderless embedding Wall hanging Corner Ceiling Hoisting
Light-emitting surface size (mm)
All <5 6 8 10 12 15 16 19 20 70 30 35 50 100 Arc(R15mm) Arc(R30mm)
Lighting method
All direct indirect Basic lighting Accent lighting Polarized wall washer
Mask type
All Flat diffuser Curved diffuser U-shaped diffuser Lens mask No mask
Featured options
All Flexible mask Aluminum mask
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