Neon Strips
Silicone Neon Strip adopts bi-color silicone integrated extrusion process, characterizing IP67/IP68 protection. It shows resistance to saline solutions, acid & alkali, corrosive gases, fire and UV, and can be widely used in indoor & outdoor decorative lighting, buildings outlining and night scene lighting.
  1. GMT1616-White light-24VGMT1616-White light-24V
  2. GMT2020-White light-24VGMT2020-White light-24V
  3. GMT2020-DMX512 RGB neon light-24VGMT2020-DMX512 RGB neon light-24V
  4. GMT2020-RGB-24VGMT2020-RGB-24V
  5. GMT2020-DMX512 RGBW neon light-24VGMT2020-DMX512 RGBW neon light-24V
  6. GMT2020L-White light-24VGMT2020L-White light-24V
  7. GMT2020-RGBW-24VGMT2020-RGBW-24V
  8. GMS2020-DMX512 White neon light-24VGMS2020-DMX512 White neon light-24V
  9. GMT2020-DMX512 White neon light-24VGMT2020-DMX512 White neon light-24V
  10. GMS2020-RGBW-24VGMS2020-RGBW-24V
  11. GMS2020-DMX512 RGBW neon light-24VGMS2020-DMX512 RGBW neon light-24V
  12. GMS2020L-White light-24VGMS2020L-White light-24V
  13. GMS2020-Color light-24VGMS2020-Color light-24V
  14. GMS2020-White light-24VGMS2020-White light-24V
  15. GMS2020-DMX512 RGB neon light-24VGMS2020-DMX512 RGB neon light-24V
  16. GMT2020-Color light-24VGMT2020-Color light-24V
  17. GMS2020-RGB-24VGMS2020-RGB-24V
  18. GMT1616-DMX512 White neon light-24VGMT1616-DMX512 White neon light-24V
  19. GMT1616-Color light-24VGMT1616-Color light-24V
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