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[Showroom] Linear Lighting Museum│Appoint for a “Light”Feast

[COLORS Showroom]

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COLORS Linear Lighting “Museum”, situated in
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, was finally com-
pleted in May, 2021. The showroom followed a
layout of 62 luminaire exhibition space with
10000+ models included, to display linear
lighting product matrix of COLORS compre-
hensively in a vivid manner.

For lighting design, practical effect matters, even
more than design concepts. A stunning idea, if far
beyond fulfillment, is a paradox of utopianism
and bound to be in vain for you to make great
efforts. Premised on that, COLORS has been pon-
dering into the synergy between space and light-
ing, refining every details to integrate lighting
with space as perfectly as possible, and piloting
every feasibility of lighting styling. That’s how the
lighting showroom came out.

The showroom has its mission to lead visitors
into a direct experience of linear lighting,
help them get deeper insight into products
and further serves as a thought-provoking
space for lighting designers and product

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Linear lighting product matrix is extensive and emerging, and there are boundless possibilities in the
future. Design is an indispensable medium in the evolution of products. It can nurture products and be
interdependent with products.

COLORS constructed this space in the hope of creating a social platform for products and designers to
communicate, for inspiration and practice to collide, integrate and renew so as to exploit out a more ideal
lighting space environment.

Address: Overseas Chinese Town, Shahe Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Appointment Tel: 15986791561