COLORS Has Created A “Museum” of Linear Lighting

For the concept of lighting design, the actual performance is more important than the design concept. If an excellent idea cannot be realized, it is a paradox of utopianism, which takes time and effort but fails to achieve results. Based on this idea,COLORS showroom has arranged 62 lighting displays, including 10,000+ models, to display the matrix of linear lighting products in an all-round way, intuitively experience the actual effect of the product, stimulate creativity, and accumulate product knowledge.
The linear lighting product matrix is extremely wide and emerging, and there are more possibilities in the future. Design is an indispensable and important medium in the evolution of products. Design can feed back the product, and the product can also coexist with the design.
COLORS hopes to use this space to provide a social platform for products and designers, so that inspiration and practice can collide, merge and regenerate in this space, and present a more ideal lighting space environment.
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