HUACAI OPTO ELECTRONICS CO. LTD. (COLORS), founded in 2008, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in LED lighting. It has incubated a forefront-ranked brand-COLORS in the segmented domain, proficient in providing comprehensive lighting solutions for residential, office, commercial scenarios and the like, aspiring to become a worldly-influential innovative brand.

COLORS sticks to independent R&D and intellectual property management, and has developed a mature and stable product development system:
Low-voltage LED strips, positioned to be high-end, have rich category and incline to be state-of-the-art; Silicone neon strips define the highest technical norms; COLORS initiated the domestic linear lighting system which was iterated to forth generation characterizing “professional light distribution, module installation, intelligent IOT”; Gained over a hundred patents for invention and utility model etc. and design awards inclusive of German RED DOT, IF, IDEA, GOLDEN PIN etc.

COLORS established opto-electronic laboratory and Yangzhou industrial parks of over 20,000 square meters with production lines covering LED encapsulation, SMT, hardware and assembly. It has developed a synergistic production supply chain for its quality control system. All products pass tests of top-notch laboratories and certificate authorities, and gain multiple certifications inclusive of CE, ROHS, UL, TUV and CCC etc.

COLORS adheres to corporate values characterizing“customers-centered, strugglers-oriented”. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it distributes business worldwide with products exported to over 90 countries and regions worldwide, and more than 20 overseas signing brand agents. It dominates European market and has in-depth cooperation with many international well-known brands.

  • Fifteen-year History

    Becomes leading enterprise in the segmented domain with 15-year accumulation.

  • Group Company

    Headquartered in Shenzhen with branches set up in Europe and the US, and more branches layout in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.

  • Production Base

    Established industrial parks in Jiangsu and Yangzhou, and factories in Foshan and Jiangmen. Featured in stable high quality, strong production capacity and quick delivery.

  • Product System

    Product portfolio includes LED encapsulation, silicone neon strip, linear lighting system and standard luminaire, capable of providing comprehensive lighting solutions forresidential, office, commercial scenarios etc.

  • Certification System

    Qualified for ISO9001 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental System Certification and product certifications inclusive of CE, UL and CCC etc.

  • Independent R&D

    Sticks to independent R&D and intellectual property management. Qualified for the title of National High-tech Enterprise, and repeatedly gained international design awards inclusive of IF, IDEA, RED DOT and GOLDEN PIN etc.

  • International Brand

    Registered trademarks in 30 countries and regions worldwide and carried out more than 20 promotional tours throughout the year. Brand partners are worldwide distributed.

  • Global Market

    Products are exported to over 90 countries and regions worldwide.
    Dominates the European market and cooperates with many major well-known brands.


    • Mission

    Integrates light with space perfectly through innovative technology and design.

    • Values

    Customers-centered │ Strugglers-oriented │ Simple because of mutual trust │ The only constant is change.

    • Vision

    Becomes a worldly-influential innovative lighting enterprise.

    • Brand Concept

    Concentration │ Profession │Perfection │ Iteration │ Innovation

    • Brand Positioning

    COLORS, a comprehensive linear lighting solution provider.

    • Product Concept

    Simplified │ Experience-oriented


    • 2008


      HUACAI OPTO ELECTRONICS CO. LTD. was registered in Zhongshan.

    • 2009

      Public Debut

      Debuted in Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition and HongKong Lighting Exhibition.

    • 2010

      Booming growth

      Founded HUACAI OPTO ELECTRONICS CO. LTD. in Shenzhen;
      Gained worldwide major product certifications.

    • 2011

      Framework Formation

      Qualified for ISO9001 Quality System and ISO14000 Environmental System Certifications;
      Focused product at flexible LED strip.

    • 2012

      Brand Foundation

      COLORS brand got registered;
      The scale of production expanded.

    • 2013

      Corporate Expansion

      Established Yangzhou production base;
      Obtained the title of National High-tech Enterprise.

    • 2015

      Market Expansion/ Channel Constructions

      Rapid growth in European market;
      In-depth construction of overseas channel cooperation mechanism;
      Built up sound brand distributor system.

    • 2017

      Global Layout

      Upgraded brand positioning to LED Linear Lighting Solution Provider;
      Won 2016 German IF, 2017 Golden Pin and IDEA design awards;
      Number of product patents exceeded 50;Products debuted in over 90 countries and regions.

    • 2018

      Tenth Anniversary

      Re-defined Shenzhen headquarter as Marketing and R&D center;
      Production base moved to Yangzhou;
      Launched LLS-C series, ushered in professional linear lighting era.

    • 2019

      Manufacturing Upgrade

      Completely upgraded and modernized production center;
      Yangzhou 2nd factory put into operation.

    • 2020

      Wild Ride

      Completed Lighting Experience Hall in Shenzhen;
      Established factory in Foshan;
      Signed 20 international brand distributors;
      Ushered in cooperation with international well-known companies.

    • 2021

      Strategic Adjustment

      Constructed E-commerce Platform;
      NNR25 won 2021 German RED DOT and GOLDEN PIN design awards.

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    In 2015, COLORS began to establish cooperation mechanism for overseas channels.
    Headquartered in Shenzhen, it set up branch office in the US, built up a sound brand distributor system and established factory in Belarus apart from those in
    Yangzhou and Foshan. So far, it has registered trademarks in 25 countries and regions worldwide. It carried out over 20 global promotional tours throughout the year with brand partners distributed worldwide. Products are exported to over 90 countries and regions inclusive of Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Europe, etc. Besides, it dominates the European market and cooperates with many major well-known brands.


    COLORS has two directly-operated production bases in Yangzhou covering an area of 25,000 square meters and 300 staffs. The production bases contain over 30 hi-speed automatic encapsulation lines, 15 automatic SMT and applied welding lines, 5 automatic extrusion lines and 6 automatic luminaire production lines, characterizing a complete production process for LED strip inclusive of LED encapsulation, hi-speed SMT, automatic welding and full series of water resistance with average monthly

    production capacity of LED strips reaching up to 1.5 million meters. Besides, COLORS modernized manufacturing factory to achieve a complete production process for linear luminaire inclusive of precision machining, automatic assembly, color spraying and free customization with average monthly production capacity reaching up to 120, 000 strips in order to assure customers of high-quality, super cost-effective products and rapid delivery.

    Laboratory & Inspection

    Laboratory of COLORS, covering an area of 460 square meters, was outfitted with 48 sets of equipment which was distributed as per safety zone, EMC zone, photoelectric zone, IP water resistance zone, aging zone and product reliability zone. Inspection covers products inclusive of LED strip, neon strip, linear luminaire, power supply and related accessories, with inspection standard ranging from safety, EMC, performance to product reliability. Testing reports can be tracked all the way from product design evaluation period to type approval period to guarantee quality of products.


    COLORS strives to R&D in product and technology. So far, it has gained 3 invention patents and nearly 100 utility model patents and appearance patents.



    COLORS has won the title of National High-tech Enterprise in 2016, and was qualified for ISO9001 Quality System and ISO14001 Environmental System Certifications.
    All products have passed tests of third-party authoritative laboratory institutions and have obtained multiple quality certifications inclusive of CQC, CE, REACH, ROHS, UL, ETL, SAA, TUV, LM-80 etc. required by various countries and regions.


    COLORS sticks to independent R&D and constant innovation and has gained multiple
    international design awards inclusive of IF, IDEA, RED DOT, GOLDEN PIN etc.

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    Marketing Activities

    For more customers engaging in to directly experience the high efficiency and convenience of linear lighting, COLORS has been ready to go abroad and participate in exhibitions, forums and the like providing diversified services for customers.

    Exhibitions & Fairs

    COLORS carried out over 20 global exhibition tours per year. It built up brand booths with linear lighting and the space well-integrated in the hope of displaying its quality products, creative designs and comprehensive linear lighting solutions to customers worldwide. The brand booths are expected to be epitomes indicating COLORS of its proficiency in providing premium lighting solutions and supporting services.


    As building style is evolving to be Bauhaus-oriented, luminaire is required to iterate and upgrade to satisfy

    Regional Roadshow

    “Customers-centered” is a solid faith of COLORS. We attach great importance to customers’ demands

    Brand Building

    For customers’ deeper insight into COLORS and its products, we provide promotional materials inclusive

    VR showroom

    COLORS headquarter showroom has upgraded to include linear luminaire showroom on 3rd floor and linear light source showroom on 4th floor. The showroom will take you through our one-stop solution, featured products display, installation methods, package logic, selling logic and supporting components, etc. Enter VR showroom to have a close-up view.