Based on the needs of designers and users for overall product solutions for the space light environment, COLORS adheres to the brand's consistent high-end quality positioning and professional and ultimate product pursuit. Downlight products, with linear lighting, provide a more diverse and rich light environment for villas, theme hotels, and commercial clubs.
  1. G2E45LG2E45L
  2. G2E55LG2E55L
  3. G2E65LG2E65L
  4. G2E75LG2E75L
  5. G2R45LG2R45L
  6. G2R55LG2R55L
  7. G2R65LG2R65L
  8. G2R75LG2R75L
  9. RE-G2R45LRE-G2R45L
  10. RE-G2R55LRE-G2R55L
  11. RE-G2R65LRE-G2R65L
  12. RE-G2R75LRE-G2R75L
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