LLS-C 35mm

35/55mm luminous surface Can be lined, curved and twisted 20m/roll flexible diffuser White/ adjustable CCT/ RGB/ DMX optional
Series Detail
Linear Lights
It adopts a more professional solution for light distribution, like wall washing and grazing, and a higher standard of heat dissipation and photoelectric indicators. Thus it can satisfy professional demands of indoor main lighting, accent lighting and special lighting, can provide a full set of linear lighting solution for office, residential, commercial, and industrial space.
  1. AS3535-2500_ComponentAS3535-2500_Component
  2. AS3535-03N90_ComponentAS3535-03N90_Component
  3. AS3535-03W90_ComponentAS3535-03W90_Component
  4. AS3535-08A45/90_ComponentAS3535-08A45/90_Component
  5. AS3535-15A45/90_ComponentAS3535-15A45/90_Component
  6. AS3535-15N90_ComponentAS3535-15N90_Component
  7. AS3535-15W90_ComponentAS3535-15W90_Component
  8. AS3535-30A45_ComponentAS3535-30A45_Component
  9. AS3535-04T90R_ComponentAS3535-04T90R_Component
  10. AS3535-04T90L_ComponentAS3535-04T90L_Component
  11. AS3535-05T180_ComponentAS3535-05T180_Component
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