Track Lights
It can achieve precise optical control, ultimate anti-glare and multiple light distributions such as spotlighting, wall-washing, diffusion and so forth, capable of providing professional linear lighting solutions for office, furniture, commercial and industrial space.
Input voltage
Track size
Optical modules
  1. EHS-55_Module(AC220V)EHS-55_Module(AC220V)
  2. EHS-80_Module(AC220V)EHS-80_Module(AC220V)
  3. PRO-04X0PRO-04X0
  4. PRO-06X0PRO-06X0
  5. PRO-0431LPRO-0431L
  6. PRO-0432PRO-0432
  7. PRO-0433PRO-0433
  8. PRO-0435LPRO-0435L
  9. PRO-D631LPRO-D631L
  10. PRO-D633PRO-D633
  11. PRO-D635LPRO-D635L
  12. PRO-EZ0447PRO-EZ0447
  13. PRO-EZ0448PRO-EZ0448
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