LED Strips
COLORS LED Strip adopts self-encapsulated lamp beads that passed LM80 and TM30 tests, and are mounted automatically through high-speed SMT. It provides multiple options for power, color, CCT and CRI. In virtue of protection process such as silicone integrated extrusion and nano coating, it can achieve IP55, IP65, IP67, IP68-level protection. Besides, it has gained product certifications inclusive of CE, CB, ROHS, UL, etc., capable of extensive application for indoor or outdoor lighting and furniture, vehicle and advertisement and other supporting usage.
  1. WN6P-20X-NED020WN6P-20X-NED020
  3. WN4P-20X-NED012WN4P-20X-NED012
  4. CV2P-20T-NHD020CV2P-20T-NHD020
  5. CV4P-20T-XF024CV4P-20T-XF024
  6. C11AGAC11AGA
  7. WN3P-18X-NED012WN3P-18X-NED012
  8. WN5P-20X-NED012WN5P-20X-NED012
  10. CXB204-NOTA012CXB204-NOTA012
  11. WN2P-20X-NED012WN2P-20X-NED012
  12. WN2P-20X-NHD012WN2P-20X-NHD012
  13. LRS-350-24LRS-350-24
  14. M16+SPI-16SM16+SPI-16S
  15. K-1000CK-1000C
  16. K-8000CK-8000C
  17. CM4-P1D-B2CM4-P1D-B2
  18. CR1-GBACR1-GBA
  19. LRS-200-24LRS-200-24
  20. LRS-100-24LRS-100-24
  21. CR4-GBACR4-GBA
  22. CK4-GBACK4-GBA
  23. CK1-GBACK1-GBA
  24. CR2-GBACR2-GBA
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