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Slender with trims, profile-free easy installation; Reel-to-reel processed light source, LM80 proved; Integrated silicone extrusion molded, UL, CE and ROHS certificated; IP:IP54(Metal end cap)/IP65(Gluing end cap), suitable for interior outline and auxiliary lighting; 3 years indoor life span ≥ 36000h and 2 years outdoor warranty, life span ≥ 24000h


NJT1010T-White light-24V

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NJT1010T-White light-24V
Typ.power : 8.8W/M 8.8W/M
Voltage : 24V 24V
CRI : >80 Ra80
Engineering Package : Engineering package Engineering package

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AS-NMT1010A-1000 Product model:AS-NMT1010A -1000, Flat Patch Mounting Aluminum Groove
Installation method:Flat Mounting
Quantity: 1PCS/ set
Recommended dosage:1PCS/M
Applicable product model:NMT1010/NJT1010
$✱✱✱ /SET
AS-NMT1010A-20 Product model:AS-NMT1010A -20, Flush mounted aluminum clips
Installation method:Flat Mounting
Quantity: 1PCS/ set
Recommended dosage:3PCS/M
Applicable product model:NMS1010/NMT1010/NJT1010
$✱✱✱ /SET
AS-NMT1010GH0-EC Product model:AS-NMT1010GH0-EC, NMT1010 Top wire outlet silicone plug set
Outlet direction: top
Included: Silicone plug and end cap
Applicable product model:NMT1010/NJT1010T
$✱✱✱ /SET
AS-JD-0001 Product model:AS-JD-0001,European standard
Applicable product model:Full range of neon strips
$✱✱✱ /SET
AS-PG-0002 Product model:AS-PG-0002
588G acid glue
Specification:10ml /staff
Applicable product model:Full range of neon strips
$✱✱✱ /SET
AS-WS-0001 Product model:AS-WS-0001,2P PVC wire
Line number:20#
Outer diameter:φ4.5mm
Wire Length:500mm
Applicable product model:NMS1217\NMT1312\NMT1515\NNR18\NNR25 monochromatic models with gluing end cap
$✱✱✱ /SET
AS-WS-0002 Product model:AS-WS-0002,2P PVC wire
Line number:20#
Outer diameter:φ4.5mm
Wire Length:200mm
Applicable product model:NMS1217\NMT1312\NMT1515\NNR18\NNR25 monochromatic models with gluing end cap
$✱✱✱ /SET
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COLORS has 3 self established factories in Yangzhou and Jiangmen, covering 30,000m2. It contains over 30 hi-speed automatic encapsulation lines, 15 automatic SMD and applied welding lines, 5 automatic extrusion lines and 6 automatic luminaire production lines in total for production of LED strip and neon strip, as well as a complete production line for linear luminaire. We aim to assure customers of high-quality, super cost-effective products with rapid delivery.


COLORS laboratory, founded in 2014, 460m2, is complied to ISO17025 standard. It includes 48 sets of equipment distributed as per safety zone, EMC zone, photoelectric zone, IP protection zone, aging zone and product reliability zone, covering professional testings on light distribution, spectral performance, EMC, safety, environment reliability, lifespan and specified mechanical reliability.


Don’t know how to install our products? Take it easy! We have complete installation tutorial videos for your reference. In below video, you can find several installation methods of the product including pendant, ceiling etc. You can also check cutting, soldering secondary processing tutorial.


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