Pro Series

High efficiency

Luminance efficiency
max up to 220LM/W


Max length is 50 meters driven by one end

Subsize strip

Mini cut led strip,
width only 4mm

Linear light source

COF series dot-free
led strip

High voltage

AC220V-240V led strip

Std Series

Solder free

DJ series cost-effective, continuous soldering-free and high reliability

Chip strip

Reel to Reel Process, without soldering joint, high cost effective

Toning Series


High density RGB colorful strip


RGBW colorful strip and more options for white light


2700-6500K changing in the same space during different periods for different users

Vario Series


SPI digital strip, IC bulit-in, continuous tranamisstion even 1 LED broken


DMX RGB strip, with good anti-interference capacity

Top Bend Series

Top bend series neon strip, bending direction: vertical. This series adopt environmental silicone material, up to IP67 protection level.High light transmission, can be used for sign lighting, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and architecture contour lighting molding.

Side Bend Series

Side bend series neon strip,bending direction: horizontal. This series adopt unique optical structure design and no shadow. Sidebending design can be used for building outline, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and other scenes. IP68 high protection level, suit for swimming pool underwater lighting.

3D Series

3D series neon adopt flexible silicone material,strong plasticity, combined with top bend, side bend two type lighting surfaces, meeting the lighting needs of indoor decoration, landscape lighting, architectural curtain walls, building outline and other scenes.

360° Lighting Series

360° lighting series adopt innovative technology, 360° light emission, no dark area. Can be applied in straight line, circular, curved, and other special shape. It is the best partner for your space design and artistic molding.

ALS Series

"Integrated Architecture Lighting" and "Integrated Furniture Lighting" makes light and space coexist perfectly and combines luminaire, architectural space and furniture & cabinet skillfully.

LLS 2.0 Series

LLS 2.0, by changing the modular design and installation method of the product, has redefined the function and application mode of linear lighting and has broken the constraints on traditional lighting system.

M-LINE 60 Series

M-LINE 60 linear modular lighting system, combining wiring and lighting installation in one , just need to preinstall the profile frame, then can switch 12 optical models with more combination, it can accurately light up the space where light is needed, free light&shadow, applicable in many scenes.

LLS-C Series

Curve lighting system, through the sublimation from straight line to curve, transformation from 2D to 3D, linear lighting is brought with a brand-new revolutionary experience.


SKYLINE series connects two points to be one line, can be extremely free applied across space, and derive thousands of stylings, to bring a brand-new innovative experience to linear lighting, realize the purest linear beauty, and open up a new lighting experience.

TLS-R 48V neon track system

Neon track is available as suspended and surface-mounted versions, the track can rotate horizontally, and the system also offers the option of different linear modules, can be creatively matched to achieve various rich stylings.

TLS-M 48V magnetic Track system

This system adopts 48V safety constant voltage, features varieties of optical modules with different standard lengths. The system is also equipped with multiple interconnected corners, able to achieve more stylings in different applications.

TLS-T 220VAC track lighting system

This track system access voltage 200~240VAC, provide multiple modules of linear track luminaire. And the system can be used together with traditional track spotlight or replace it, featureing convenient installation and flexible application, suitable for different applying demands.


Slim25 series, standard mini-size linear luminaries, 25mm width,8 optical lighting methods built by professional lighting and structual design, meeting the requirements of indoor functional lighitng, accent lighting, and special lighting.


GLS40 series the light-emitting surface width is 40mm. The product adopts a modernist design style, which combines simplicity and elegance. The light and shadow follow, the styles are diverse,and the more humane intelligent design you can choose.


LINE 60 series the light-emitting surface width is 60mm, adopts professional optical and structure design to realize 6 different light distribution methods. This series can provide professional indoor functional lighting, special lighting. It can meet the requirements of special lighting, light and shadow, various styles.


Circle Series, the basic modules can constitute standard circular luminaires with the diameter of 0.8m/1.5m/3.0m for independent application. Multiple light emitting directions are optional. The light emitting modes are optional according to the scenes as well, so as to create different atmospheres.compatible to the spacial structures of different areas, different rigidity and different materials.