Pro Series

High efficiency

Luminance efficiency
max up to 220LM/W


Max length is 50 meters driven by one end

Subsize strip

Small cutting unit,
width only 4mm

Linear light source

Dot-free COF series

High voltage

AC220V-240V led strip


R2R SMD strip

SMD process, DJ and DR series R2R, no soldering joint in whole roll

R2R chip strip

"Chip on FPC", FD & DRF series More reliable and cost-effective

Toning Series


RGB colorful strips with high-density light beads


RGBW colorful strip and more options for white light


Variable CCT (2700-6500K) in one place for different time and users

Vario Series


SPI digital strip, IC built-in, continuous transmission even if 1 LED gets broken


DMX RGB strip, with good anti-interference capacity

Top Bend Series

Bending direction: vertical. It adopts eco-friendly silicone, featured in IP67 protection and high light transmission. It is widely used in sign lighting, indoor & outdoor decorative lighting and architecture contour lighting.

Side Bend Series

Bending direction: horizontal. It adopts unique optical structure design, featured in uniform lighting without shadow and IP68 protection. It is widely used in building outline and indoor & outdoor decorative lighting.

3D Series

Top bend and side bend two-in-one. It adopts flexible silicone, displaying strong resilience. In virtue of systematic installation solution, it can satisfy needs for indoor decorative lighting, landscape lighting, architectural curtain wall washing and building outline lighting.

360° Lighting Series

It adopts innovative technology to achieve 360-degree light emission with no dark area. It can be curved as line, cycle, curve or any odd shapes, an absolute ideal partner in your space design and artistic styling.

ALS Series

It makes light and space co-exist perfectly, as well as can combine luminaire, architecture and furniture masterly to create effects of “ Architecture integrated lighting” and “Furniture integrated lighting”.


16mm/25mm mainstream width. It can fit perfectly with architecture to achieve profile-less integrated lighting. Based on ALS series, it improved process to be more cost-effective.

LLS 2.0

Available in 33-95mm profile width.It redefines features and application mode of linear lighting in virtue of innovative modular design and installation method, breaking traditional restraint and further achieve freedom for design, installation and application.

LLS-L Series

Available in 33-79mm profile width. It can be cut, spliced, cornered in arbitrary lengths to form myriad creative styling. It has been iterated to 3rd generation with improved experience in installation and application flexibility.

LLS-C Series

It ushers in a sublimation from line to curve and an innovative conversion from 2D to 3D, bringing up a revolutionary experience and a new horizon of linear lighting.


TLS-R series is available in pendant, surface mounting version and allows horizontal rotation for track. The system supports flexible combination of different modules such as spotlight, downlight and neon strips modules to achieve various applications and myriad styling.


TLSE-M20 features minimal 20mm width. Its magnetic design gives you great DIY convenience to flexibly combine linear modules, spotlights, pendant lights and decorative neon flex in one system, achieving flood lighting, accent lighting or decorative lighting, suitable for villas, hotel clubs, entertainment venues or commercial exhibitions, etc.


TLS-S60 is a modular linear lighting system. The whole system consists of an aluminum frame, multiple optical modules (diffuser 110lm/W, high efficiency 140lm/W, grille lights, asymmetric optics, spotlight etc.) and smart control module. It integrates wiring and optical modules installation into one, easy for installation and maintenance.


Include linear luminaire of 30/50/70mm width. It supports whole luminaire splicing, Non/1-10V/DALI dimming, dial switch CCT control and emergency power supply. Can satisfy needs for flood lighting and indirect lighting.


SLIM 25, a standard mini-sized linear luminaire, 25mm wide, can achieve eight diverse light distribution through professional optical design and structural design and satisfy professional indoor functional lighting, accent lighting and special lighting.


GLS40 adopts modernist design, integrating simplicity and elegance in one. It is meticulously crafted and detail-oriented, featured in more individualized intelligence design in the hope of satisfying your ultimate lighting experience.


Its light-emitting surface is 60mm in width. It adopts professional optical and structure design to realize 6 different light distribution methods, can provide professional indoor functional lighting and special lighting for space.


The basic modules can constitute standard circular luminaires with the diameter of 0.8m/1.5m/3.0m for independent application. Multiple light-emitting directions are optional: downward, outward or inward. The light emitting modes are optional according to the scenes as well, so as to create different atmospheres.


It links two points together as an outright line. The line shuttle flexibly and freely in space like horse off the reins to form myriad creative styling, bringing up a brand-new lighting experience with the charm of purest linear.


Genie is a professional downlight that can be make higher power in the same size as those on market. It adopts four anti-glare concepts, including hidden light source, condensed light, diffuse lens and dark reflector to achieve UGR<10, assuring you of visual comfort with no glare. It’s 25° tilting angle adjustable, can achieve precise accent lighting.


Magicube mini grille light is delicate, compact and of linear outlook. It includes 4 optics, including ±20° adjustable round grille, retractable spotlight, flood lighting and wall washer and supports recessed, pre-recessed and surface-mounted installation. It can achieve precise accent lighting, basic lighting and wall washing.