COLORS’ 48V family widens to include power supply and controller

07 03
[New arrival] COLORS’ 48V family widens to include power supply and controller
[New arrivals]
COLORS’ 48V ultra-long family has evolved and widened, now for commercial, entertainment and outdoor. It defines a new landmark for ultra-long lighting.
Early birds get the worm. Would you like to get the early-bird bonus? Follow us to have the first glimpse into what COLORS’ new arrival have to offer.

48V ultra-long light source Max. 60m & easy wiring | Max. 130lm/w | Consistent brightness | One-stop solution | 6 serialized products | Energy-efficient

01. Maximum 60 meter long lighting circuits from a single power and controller.
02. Maximum 130lm/w, high light efficiency and energy-efficient, let everywhere be light.
03. IC constant current, consistent end-to-end brightness.

04. Easy wiring & simple power system, reduce installation effort and cost to minimum.
05. One-stop solution with complete range of supporting components available, from power supply to controller.
06. Serialized products of high light efficiency/ ultra-long length/ small cutting unit/ RGBW/ adjustable CCT/ high protection are available for commercial, entertainment and outdoor flexible ultra-long application.

Now the whole 48V ultra-long family is available to the public. Feel free to contact us if any interest.