Fight for the Mission, Sprint Towards the Vision

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Fight for the Mission, Sprint Towards the Vision
Celebrate grand events with vigor and joy, and welcome the new year with songs and laughter. Let's witness the splendor of COLORS' annual party together!

Visit Jiangmen Factory

We followed 3 colleagues to visit the production workshop, listening to them introduce every part of the factory, as well as some advanced equipment introduced this year. After the tour was completed, everyone took a group photo to commemorate it.

Team Games

We were divided into teams for the game competition. Each team participated in the games earnestly and unitedly, with everyone actively involved and having a great time.

Annual Party Scene

The General Manager affirmed everyone's contributions this year. After the annual summary, the company awarded prizes to colleagues with outstanding performances and achievements.

Wonderful Performances

Talented colleagues brought us unforgettable performances, immersing everyone in their dancing and singing.

Cheerful Finale

As the annual meeting drew to a close, everyone was left wanting more.

In the new year, let's continue to work hard together, striving together towards our goals, continuing to overcome difficulties, and looking forward to our success in 2024.