Come first to experience. COLORS is on DIALux!

07 03
[Brand dynamics] Come first to experience. COLORS is on DIALux!
[COLORS Brand dynamics]

Recently on April 2nd, COLORS has officially settled in the worldwide leading lighting design software DIALux, a professional platform for worldwide designers to plan, calculate and visualize lighting designs online with real lighting products

From today on, you got one more trusted linear lighting brand alternative on DIALux for your lighting projects, and COLORS is approaching to surprise you.

Up to now, we have uploaded part of product data and will processively upload the full range of our product data on DIALux. All the products will be presented detailed with product images, mounting type, light distribution curves and technical specification, etc.
Come to COLORS on DIALux, you can easily access our complete product data, plan lighting designs with real COLORS products, calculate and visualize lighting effects of COLORS products directly on the software. A much more efficient platform to intuitively experience COLORS products!

Simple step to download DIALux-COLORS plug-in

Option 1:

On DIALux website

Option 2:

On COLORS website

Come first to download and pocket all COLORS products and have your lighting designs get smoother and stunning. COLORS is here waiting for you!