Low-carbon Lightweight Packaging Reflecting Our Values

06 12
Low-carbon Lightweight Packaging Reflecting Our Values
As we all know, for a long time now, the impacts of plastic waste on the environment and our health are global and can be dramatic. The EU aims to become a forerunner in the global fight against marine litter and plastic pollution. EU rules aim to reduce the volume and impact of certain plastic products on the environment.
Therefore, following the EU callings, in response to EU regulations and to give prominence to CSR, COLORS has launched 99% paper packaging. The aim is to protect products and to protect the environment as well. COLORS is advocating low-carbon life by reducing plastic pollution.
Besides, COLORS Laboratory has conducted rounds of rigorous anti-vulcanization tests and durability tests in many stages to ensure the stability of the products. We are proud to enable greener lifestyles for our customers while upholding functionality.