Our S-shaped LED strip brings new models

07 03
[New arrival] Our S-shaped LED strip brings new models

Would like the light to follow your thoughts and flow like the lines from your pencil?

Our S-shaped LED strip winds its way, together with its new RGB, DMX and CCT models, eager to have that try.

1. Add organic rhythm and grace to space With 45°/90° arc profiles or profiles that can be twisted 90°/180° left/ right & S-shaped led strips compatible with all radians.

Circles, modestly rounded rectangles, simple arcs and winding forms all become possible. Light can now flow with the same grace as lines drawn from your pencil.

2.Match with all radians, less stock stress & easy installation

Our S-shaped led strip can match with all radians. You don’t have to cut and splice led strips one after another, or try to customize led strip of a certain radian just to match with profiles of different radians any more.

3.Colorful lights, more vigor to space

Available in white light, RGB, DMX and CCT. Curve lighting in a variety of novel styles adds layering and dimension to space, and colorful lights can double the effect, adding vigor to space.

Want to see how it perform to excite? Samples are ready, contact us if any interest.