Reminisce About Our Gathering in Hotel & Shop Plus 2021

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[Exhibition] Reminisce About Our Gathering in Hotel & Shop Plus 2021
[COLORS Exhibition]
Time: 30 Mar-02 April, 2021
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
COLORS participated in HOTEL & SHOP PLUS EXPO 2021 and welcomed a mass of visitors at SNIEC from March 30th to April 2nd . The event attracted 121,410 trade buyers with a combined exhibition area of 200,000 square meters as well as 2,100 exhibitors.COLORS’ showroom adheres to “simplified” modernism style, creating a quiet, refreshing and immersive ambience featured in concise lines and elegant colors for visitors to intuitively appreciate products.
  • The neon track shuttles freely overhead from the entrance passage to showroom infield, realizing a slick transition of interior and exterior space. The space shows a progressive structure in virtue of variable lighting atmosphere, provoking visitors’ passion and curiosity for further exploration. Walking through the linear lighting space is a dreamy and energizing experience similar to walking through the time passage.
    The showroom shows a delicate layout with diverse scene for every step and unique sense of ceremony fermented in diverse exhibition areas. Adapting to the change, you will feel clearly the charm of linear. Those linear lighting, complied to the design of spatial aes-thetics, exudes its self-contained charm to gravitate the mass of visitors.