Showroom upgrade! Come first to have a cheerful light travel

07 03
[VR Showroom] Showroom upgrade! Come first to have a cheerful light travel.
[VR Showroom]
Glad to let you know that COLORS’ in-house showroom has recently upgraded and the VR showroom is online for public,click here to to have a close-up view.
The showroom brought in TETRIS elements, which make it much of fun and vision enjoyment and at the same time is here to prove that “the appropriate and compatible is the optimum solution.”

The whole showroom consists of Linear Light Source Session in 4th floor and Linear Profile & Luminaire Session in 3th floor of COLORS Shenzhen headquarter.

For you, it is the most thorough way to see values in COLORS.

1. Save time, stress less The showroom first illustrates COLORS’ one-stop solution concept. Before, you may get Point and Point solution from COLORS and the others, but in the future, you will get Polygon solutions (linear light source & supporting solution) all directly from COLORS. Get here to check how that will save your time and relieve you of procurement and stock stress.

2. Amuse, learn and gain The showroom includes displays on packaging logic, supporting components, demo boards and micro-scenes of featured products,

eg. 48V system, Magic line, digital control system, track system, etc.

  • Here you can live an immersive and interactive experience, going through all details about lighting effect,photo-electric performance and installation methods.

    Would like to get a closer look at COLORS products? Our showroom is always open to welcome you.